Monday, 9 November 2015

Do you want an attractive smile?

1 way to unlock your smile without metal braces

Face it, we have all known at least one person growing up here in Ottawa that has had to endure wearing metal braces, “ah the pains of vanity”, was probably what we thought. However, in all actuality, having braces at a young age does help the teeth and gums stay healthier longer the older a person gets. One of the reasons this happens is that when a person has crooked teeth their bite pattern is not aligned correctly for chewing. This condition can create issues with eating, and swallowing, because they cannot chew food into small enough pieces.

Additionally, cleaning between crooked teeth is more difficult, allowing tartar and cavities to form, which may lead to gum disease or worse. Naturally, all of this is strongly dependent on a person’s dental hygiene, (even people with straight teeth in Ottawa can face tooth decay). In any event, metal braces used to be the answer, and as such they brought a lot of work, and discomfort to the person wearing them. In addition, braces have long been associated with pre-teens, and teenagers as the targeted audience.

Braces for all ages: The one way without metal to a better smile

In the not so distant past, a new device or rather system was created that surpassed metal braces by leaps and bounds. The system is called “Invisalign” and consists of a series of acrylic trays that a person wears as opposed to the metal straps that need adjusting every so often. Each tray slowly and methodically moves the teeth into a straighter position, aligning the bite pattern. Moreover, there is no pain!

The way the system works is your Ottawa Orthodontist will take a 3d picture of a patient’s mouth and extrapolate the best position for the straightening their teeth. Then, with the aid of a computer a series of aligner trays are constructed and then wore for  a period of around two years or less. Each tray is worn for a determined length of time before moving to the next in the series.

The Advantage over Metal Braces

As stated metal braces need periodic adjustments, Invisalign does not. With each tray the teeth are gently moved into the desired position and while wearing a given tray, it is removable by the wearer. This ability allows the person to eat regular meals without worrying about food getting wedged in their braces. Additionally, this makes cleaning and flossing the teeth a simple task with replacing the tray after each meal a matter of putting it back.

Naturally, the question that comes up is, “Am I eligible?” it is best to consult with your Ottawa dentist or orthodontist to find this answer. Nevertheless, wearing the Invisalign system is undetectable by any of your Ottawa friends unless you tell them.