Friday, 6 February 2015

Straightening Your Teeth without Visible Braces

Everyone deserves to have straight teeth, in Ottawa, however, not everyone desires to go through the hassle of wearing wired braces on their teeth for any length of time. This is why many people are beginning to choose invisible braces designed by Invisalign™. This version of braces began as the best choice for adults to use on their path to having a nicer smile and straighter teeth.

To date, since the public’s awareness of this style of braces, there have been over one million people, worldwide, who have used them to gain straighter teeth. With a better tooth alignment, food consumption becomes easier, and oral hygiene also becomes much simpler than it was with crooked teeth. The process involves using, what is called, a set of aligners over a period of time, normally for an average of 12 months.

The way they work is a person wears an aligner for two weeks and then changes it for another one. This process gradually moves their teeth into a proper alignment. Typically, there are a set of at least 18 aligners or as many as 30, depending on a given individual’s needs. When it comes to oral hygiene, eating, and cleaning is performed with the aligner removed.

The fact that a person has this ability makes using invisible braces a better choice as a matter of convenience and maintenance. This minimizes the visits to their Ottawa dentist for periodic adjustments that accompany wearing the regular wire braces. This is why each aligner changes every two weeks.

Each aligner brings or moves the teeth into the optimal alignment for the person’s jaw on a gradual basis. While using invisible brace cuts down the amount of visits to an Ottawa dentist, there is still a need to visit them to ensure the treatment is working properly. This is because each aligner is unique in the way they slowly adjust the position of the teeth.

From an insurance standpoint, the Invisalign™ braces are covered as long as a certified dentist is applying the treatment. At the same time, certain benefits may not have the desired amount of coverage when it comes to orthodontic care. This is one aspect of medical insurance that always raises questions in Ottawa as well as elsewhere.

The financial aspects of dental care typically carry an annual budget or ceiling for coverage. Dental Plans also specify whether or not they are for individual or family coverage. Since the average cost of this type of brace runs upwards of $5000, it would be wise to understand how much out of pocket is needed to help cover the expense of the treatment as well as the amount of the yearly coverage stipulated by the policy. Nonetheless, when it comes to straightening teeth using invisible braces are a good choice. 

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