Braces Ottawa

As people grow and develop, chances are their teeth will need at least a little bit of work to keep them straight and spaced evenly. It is common for teeth to come in crooked, or to be overcrowded. Many people have overbites or underbites, and some may have problems with misaligned jaws or joint issues. Then there are people who have a combination of several of these conditions affecting them negatively.

Any of these things can cause further issues. They may range from tooth pain to earaches and headaches, and may be a source of complications with biting, chewing, and cleaning your teeth properly. If the teeth are difficult to clean, it will often lead to decay, cavities, and even gum disease.

To prevent a whole laundry list of troubles from developing, and to keep any of them from worsening, an orthodontist will likely recommend braces. While dental experts throughout Ottawa may agree that the best age for a patient to have braces put on is ages 10 and 14, they can be beneficial in correcting tooth and jaw problems in adults and all ages in between.

Thinking about getting Braces?  Consult these Ottawa Dentists and Orthodontists for the right advice:

Wellington Village Orthodontics

175 Holland

Ottawa, ON K1Y 0Y2

Phone: (613) 722-8500


Trillium Dental

340 March Rd Suite 303 Kanata, ON K2K 2E2 Phone: 613) 595-1360 Email: Web:

Centertown Orthodontics

30 Chamberlain Avenue #200

Ottawa, ON K1S 1V9

Phone: (613) 695-9965

Orleans Orthodontics

2020 Tenth Line Rd

Orléans, ON K4A 4X4

Phone: (613) 824-3200

Herongate Dental

1739 Walkley Road #1

Ottawa, ON K1V 6P4

Phone: (613) 737-7321