Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Top 3 Questions asked about Invisalign

This is the most recent addition to the arsenal of dentistry for straightening a person’s teeth. What makes this system so unique is that it is nothing like traditional braces. Because of this there are always questions revolving around how well the Invisalign system works. In Ottawa, the first question that usually presents itself is it advisable to use Invisalign on a child.

The answer is no because their teeth are still growing. This system is designed to work on mature teeth, somewhere around the age of 20 to 21 when a person has all of their teeth. Another question that comes to mind is what is the length of time a person here in Ottawa has to wear the Invisalign aligner?

The answer here is a single aligner tray is worn for a period of a few weeks. This is because the way the system work is a series of aligners trays are produced and then worn in a certain order to facilitate straightening the person’s teeth. The total length of time to complete the process varies, sometimes as much as 18 months or a little as a single year.

The question that concerns a lot of people in Ottawa is the presence of discomfort or pain when wearing an aligner tray. The answer is again no. This Invisalign system does away with the periodic adjustments found necessary for traditional braces. Instead, each tray is designed to adjust the teeth ever so slightly, which is why there are a series of them.

While the lack of pain or discomfort is a benefit, another one is that the trays are removable for eating and regular tooth brushing and flossing. Afterwards the trays are again worn overnight or until the next meal. This is what makes the Invisalign system inviting to adults living in Ottawa who wish to have their teeth straightened without having to wear traditional braces and put up with the discomfort or embarrassment associated with metal braces.

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