Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Valuable Reasons To Monitor Dental Health

Not everyone here in Ottawa realizes the importance of their own dental health, surely for many reasons. However, there are stages of human growth that pretty much demand a dental exam either by a dentist or an Ottawa orthodontist. There is a difference, a dentist for instance, focuses on the overall health of the teeth and gums and promotes good oral hygiene. An Ottawa orthodontist focuses on the alignment of the teeth, this includes situations where a person here in Ottawa may suffer from an over or underbite condition.

Gum Disease is a serious condition that can affect the root of the teeth so far as to cause them to decay to the point leading to extraction. In other scenarios a person may have a misaligned bite pattern due to overcrowding, (too many teeth). This can lead to a condition that results in an overbite or an underbite, which can also stem from the shape of a person’s jaw.

At any rate caring for a person’s dental health is important at any age in Ottawa. At birth, we come into this world with no teeth and as our growth, our teeth develop along with the rest of our body. Without a good oral hygiene regimen our gums and teeth will suffer. The older we get older, our metabolism changes as do our eating habits. Our teeth, if taken care of, will always run the risk of decay, making it important to stay on top of keeping our teeth and gums healthy.

One main reason is that gum disease can manifest into more severe conditions, such as heart disease, and diabetes for instance. Gum disease begins with tooth decay, which mainly stems from poor oral hygiene. The lack of a good cleaning regimen may stem from a difficulty with cleaning, impart due to an over crowed mouth. Everyone will have at least one or two cavities during their life, even if they religiously floss and brush daily.

An Ottawa dentist can fix the cavities and replace missing teeth and can discover an overcrowded condition in their young patient’s and send them to an orthodontist to help fix the issue. Many times the result is having to wear braces. Now this can happen even for adults. In any case, seeing a dental professional on a regular basis is as important as seeing a family MD for a regular physical checkup.