Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Option of wearing Hidden Braces

Everyone pictures that geeky kid with a mouth full of metal when anyone mentions the subject of Braces, some of us may have been that kid here in Ottawa. However, because of the advances in technology throughout the dental industry there have been some amazing breakthroughs in the mechanical designs utilized in making braces work and function better and with less discomfort. Enter the hidden braces this type of apparatus sits behind or rather on the inside of the teeth, and works as well if not better than the normal type of braces.

The difference is, because of the placement no one can see them. Straightening the teeth has become very popular with adults, because of this technology, along with other cosmetic procedures such as dental implants, crown and bridgework and professional teeth whitening services offered through an Ottawa Orthodontist.

At one time wearing braces here in Ottawa meant having to wear and deal with the discomfort that came with the periodic adjustments that could take as long as two to four years, depending on how severe the conditions of teeth were. Now, such instances are a thing of the past because of the techniques and designs that support the hidden braces, it can take as few as eighteen months for a patient’s teeth to reach the desired position for an improved bite pattern and a greater looking smile.

The Difference

What makes the hidden braces more comfortable is the fact that they are custom fit to each individual tooth and are adjustable through a wire that connects the brackets that mount on the teeth. This type of brace avoids the declassification of the teeth and completely negates any injury to the inner lips that results from wearing standard braces. The material utilized is gold alloy, which avoids the worry of any allergic reactions.

The benefits of wearing the hidden or lingual braces is that that are more comfortable, take fewer visits to an Ottawa Orthodontist and no one knows that you are wearing them except you and your dental professional. In addition, they have no effect on your speech or ability to eat or clean your teeth. An additional benefit is that they work for children and adults.

Consult with your Ottawa Orthodontist and Ottawa Dentist today to see know more about Hidden Braces and their benefits.